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If you are having a difficult time counselling can offer a safe space for you to discuss and explore your experiences and issues; and perhaps find ways to bring about change. I provide support that is confidential, trusting and non-judgemental.

I am an integrative counsellor, which means that I combine elements of person centred, cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic therapy into my practice.

I have worked within the community for over 14 years, within the fields of learning disabilities, autism and mental health. I initially worked within support work, moving to training and facilitation, and later progressing into counselling. This has allowed me to work in various agencies and locations including Childline, Contact NI/Lifeline, Jigsaw CCC, primary and post primary schools and homeless charities.

Some of the areas that I have experience and interest in include anxiety, depression, bereavement, stress, relationship difficulties, separation/divorce, sexuality, autism/ASD, esteem issues, trauma and pregnancy choices.

If you have any questions about counselling and how I can support you, please feel free to get in contact with me.

MANN uP services are designed to support others to improve the state of their psychological health (their levels of mental and emotional wellbeing).This is based on an underlying theory of the interconnectivity and balance between your psychological health and the state of your wellbeing in other parts of your life (namely your physical, relational, professional and recreational wellbeing).

Having high levels of psychological strength, stamina and resilience empowers you to be in a better position to unlock your potential in all those other areas of your life, and making advances in your physical, relational, professional or recreational wellbeing has a positive impact on your psychological health too.

I offer individually tailored one-to-one programmes of either fixed duration or an open-ended format, that will actively support you to audit current levels of wellbeing and balance across your life, and then working in collaboration with you, devise and implement a plan of action to bring about improvements and improve your wellbeing and ‘mindfitness’.