BA Psychology, DIP Counselling, MA, UKAGP (Associate Member)

Etain OKaneW:


P: 07766945482

F: TherapyBelfast

T:  @therapybelfast

Etain provides counselling, guidance and support to help you address personal issues such as relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, stress - or indeed anything that's holding you back from leading a happier and more fulfilled life.  

Her approach is down to earth, based on person-centred counselling, Gestalt therapy methods, mindfulness practice, and 20+ years of experience working with individuals and groups.  

Etain has devoted her life to promoting positive health and wellbeing by facilitating peer-support groups, training, and developing a range of community based projects across Northern Ireland.  She is a qualified counsellor and is the first certified Radical Honesty trainer in Europe.  She also offers Emotional Intelligence Training and wellbeing workshops to local organisations and groups.


"I would highly recommend Etain as a therapist. She creates a safe space in which to examine and to challenge behaviours, assumptions and painful experiences. She is patient and encouraging and brings humour to lighten even the most difficult of sessions. Her skills and knowledge as a therapist have helped me to let go of pain that I have carried for many years and to live life more honestly and fully.” 

"I have been working with Etain for the last six weeks. During that time she has taught me a lot about myself and helped to underpin the reasons for my higher-than-normal anxiety levels. I am now learning methods to cope with these emotions and I look forward to my sessions each week."

Etain offers a FREE consultation session to all prospective clients - giving you the opportunity to discuss what you want to achieve in a relaxed and informal way and help you make a decision about whether therapy is right for you.  If you are considering counselling, contact her today to arrange your free, no-obligation chat.