1.    Bookings for Rooms 1 - 6

All room bookings ( except Room 7 ) should be done via our online system.  Should you wish to change your booking, please rebook your new time and date, and follow through to payment as normal. When you have rebooked and paid, please notify that you want to cancel the original booking.  We offer a refund - depending on when you notify us :

Two full weeks notice  - 100%  : Three full days notice 50% : Less than three days 0%.   

2.    Keys 

There is a £25 deposit for your key and access fob. This is fully refundable on their return. Please hang your key ring on the board when you come in - and remove it when you leave.  

3.    Fire exits 

Via front door and door beyond the kitchen/toilet. Fire extinguishers are located near the front door, and downstairs in the hall area.  

4.    First Aid Kit 

Located in the kitchenette below the sink unit.

5. Heating 

The central heating comes on automatically. If you find that your room is not warm enough then use the heater provided but please ensure that it is turned off when you leave. Rooms 1, 6, 7 and 8 : if you needed to turn the radiator off ( or down) because the room was too warm, then please remember to turn it on again as you leave.

6.  Intercom 

Please ask your clients to ring the appropriate room number on the external intercom once and request them to come up to the waiting area until you are ready for them. It is VITAL that you inform your clients which room you are in - otherwise they may disturb other therapists by buzzing randomly!

7.  Kitchen 

You are welcome to use all glasses, crockery and cutlery supplied in the kitchen as long as you leave the kitchen area clean and tidy after use.  

8. Smoking 

Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in the Centre, the hallway and entrance area downstairs.

9. Security 

If you are the last to leave the Centre then you are responsible for securing the building as per the instructions on the separate Entrance/Exit Procedure information sheet you have received.  Failure to do this will result in your keys being withdrawn immediately.

10.  Promotional  

You are welcome to leave leaflets/business cards or other promotional materials to promote your work at Source on the table provided at the top of the stairs – provided you have used the Centre in the previous three months. 

 11. Insurance

We are fully insured for Public Liability. We do not cover any practitioners for Professional Indemnity. That is your responsibility, and we will require sight of your Professional Indemnity Insurance before proceeding to sign an agreement with you.


11. General 

  • Please ensure that the windows in your room are closed after use.
  • We do not take responsibility for equipment/belongings left on the premises.
  • Additional supplies of Toilet Rolls, Bulbs etc. are stored in Kitchenette cupboard.
  • Your keys should not be used by any other party.
  • The Source Wellbeing Centre phone number cannot be used for messages.
  • At all times please respect the other users in the Centre – i.e. no loud noises or excessive talking in the common areas etc.
  • You are expected to leave your room as you found it.

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