Source Wellbeing Centre Ltd. offers a variety of beautiful rooms for hire, for therapeutic work, holistic treatments, counselling, training and workshops.

Please contact us if you'd like to view the centre. 

If you sign up with us, you can avail of long-term room rental - or, if you're a more occasional user, simply book online as and when needed, by the hour, half-day and so on.  See the rooms here on Facebook.

Hall And Waiting Area
New Waiting Area
Treatment Room
Rm 4


Sessions are available for booking online as follows:

Room 1 - One to One Talk Therapy      £20 per session      9am-3pm or 3pm-10pm 

Room 2 - Long Term Occupancy

Room 3 - One to One Talk Therapy     £10 per 75 mins 

Room 4 - One to One Talk Therapy     £20 per session      9am-1pm / 1.15 - 5.45pm / 6-10pm

Room 5 – Long Term Occupancy

Room 6 – Treatment Room (with massage table) - £10 per 75 mins

(NEW) Rooms 7 and 8 – coming 31st July 2020.